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#5 In the Beginning

This blog is a way to express emotions and thoughts that are sometimes hard for me to verbalize face-to-face. I know it's time to write when something is tugging at my heart. I have been feeling that tug for a while now. I'm having a hard time moving forward on this one though. I have so much I want to say, yet I can't quite figure out what direction to take this. I have rewritten and edited this post multiple times now trying to capture my thoughts and what I pray will be a meaningful message for you. I hope this all ends up making sense and you get something out of it. So, here we go... As I've shared, I wasn't feeling so great a few years ago. I believed I was feeling exactly the way I was supposed to feel at my stage of life. I wasn't facing any major health crisis, but I now know I was heading in that direction. It was inevitable. My low energy and physical symptoms were my body's way of telling me I needed to make some changes. For whatever reason, I s