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#4 That "Something"

Hey, friend. Can we talk? What in your life brings you joy? Is there something that you love to do? What gives you a sense of purpose?  Maybe it's your family and/or friends, your job, a hobby. Maybe it's multiple somethings. If you're like me, that "something" has changed over the years. Honestly, there have been times in my life when it just wasn't there at all. I didn't have a clue what would bring me joy or what I was searching for. And then, let's face it, there are times when life gets so busy, so chaotic, that we just do what we have to do to get from one day to the next. I get it. I also know, that having that something sure makes a difference. Life seems brighter. More joyful. More purposeful. I wonder how many folks feel as if that something is not within their reach, or that they don't deserve it. Some of us might feel that it just doesn't really matter once we reach a certain stage of life. Sadly, we are not always encouraged to pur

#3 Ready, Set, Go!

Our youngest grandson recently found a passion for running. He's pretty darn fast too. He is constantly challenging us to go out to the backyard and race. We have learned the drill. Go to the fence on the one side of the yard, get in starting position, and he then yells, "ready, set, go!" And we're off. Sometimes we need a push, a command, to get ready, get set, and get goin'! That might come as encouragement or guidance or a gnawing thought that won't go away. Sometimes we have to hit bottom to be motivated enough to make the necessary changes. So today, friend, I ask if you are ready to join the race to improve your health. If so, let's get ready, get set, and go! Get Ready Determine your starting line. Your starting line. Do not compare your circumstances or your goals to someone else's. Doing so would be self-defeating. No matter where you are physically, emotionally, or spiritually, making just one positive change today qualifies you for a positio