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#2 The Roller Coaster Ride

I did something yesterday. Something very much out of my comfort zone. There have been a few times in my life where I felt led to pursue something, even though I didn't really know what the heck I was doing. It wasn't just a gentle, one-time nudge nor did I hear a voice blasting from the heavens, but something was pulling me into unknown territory. It was like I was buckled in a roller coaster car, and I couldn't get off. As funny as it may sound, I didn't really want to get off, even though I was scared to death. I knew it was going to be a crazy ride, but I also knew I was supposed to be on that car. The last couple of years have been quite the ride. I certainly didn't have a clue of the destination, but that roller coaster kept taking me from one point to the next. Somehow, I stayed on, remaining safe and sound. I embraced each new turn and all the highs and lows, not knowing where it was leading me. But it felt right. Things are now coming together. Things are n

#1 It's Gonna Take Some Pruning

A little beauty caught my eye recently with her cascading green foliage and vibrant blooms. I knew she would be the perfect addition to our patio, so I made the purchase and brought her home. I proudly hung her from a garden hook, strategically placed beside our patio where she stole the show. She was beautiful. I loved sitting in my chair and staring at her. I felt happy and a sense of calm. But sadly, she started to show signs of a struggle. Her blooms started to drop, and her leaves started to shrivel. She was no longer the full, colorful plant she once was. Even though I would give her a daily dose of water, the Texas sun and strong winds proved to be too much. These powerful forces were breaking her down. Her needs were not being met. She just couldn't keep up. With each passing day, hope for survival was fading as quickly as her blossoms. When I looked at her, instead of joy, I felt sadness. It was decision time. Do I just sit by and watch her decline? Do I give up and throw